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A whole year of nothing...Now this!

2009-04-24 17:28:59 by Popsey

So I went through all of 2008 and didn't submit a thing. Yikes! Well I guess it was a pretty hectic year. Not much in the first half so I have no excuse there, but the second half where I actually DO stuff was busy. I'm glad to see how well the MGS Collab turned out even though that is very OLD news.

I've begun work on a 4th of July Pictionary for the Blind. Yes Independence Day for all you Yanks and just July 4th for everyone else. I've got a pic of how the characters look these days. I redid them all last halloween when I was going to do another Halloween flash. (Which obviously never happened) I like the new drawings. I think losing my pen tablet has forced me to simplify my drawings and you know what, they look great! I guess the old saying "Keep it simple stupid" applies to animating as well. I can't wait to release the new Pictionary for the Blind. It'll be lots of fun. Of course scripting and voicing is fun. We'll see how enthused I am once animating actually starts.


P.S. Yes this means I am not dead.

A whole year of nothing...Now this!


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