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New(s) Flash

2011-07-01 16:31:32 by Popsey

What have I done! I made a new flash animation after what??? Five hundred and forty three point 3 (repeating of course) years! Seriously though, if you're reading this post then you might as well check it out.

Pic For Blind 4th

So I went through all of 2008 and didn't submit a thing. Yikes! Well I guess it was a pretty hectic year. Not much in the first half so I have no excuse there, but the second half where I actually DO stuff was busy. I'm glad to see how well the MGS Collab turned out even though that is very OLD news.

I've begun work on a 4th of July Pictionary for the Blind. Yes Independence Day for all you Yanks and just July 4th for everyone else. I've got a pic of how the characters look these days. I redid them all last halloween when I was going to do another Halloween flash. (Which obviously never happened) I like the new drawings. I think losing my pen tablet has forced me to simplify my drawings and you know what, they look great! I guess the old saying "Keep it simple stupid" applies to animating as well. I can't wait to release the new Pictionary for the Blind. It'll be lots of fun. Of course scripting and voicing is fun. We'll see how enthused I am once animating actually starts.


P.S. Yes this means I am not dead.

A whole year of nothing...Now this!

Well it looks like I was right that everyone was submitting at the last minute. Typical, (and yes I know it wasn't much of a stretch to assume as much) mine is now in the sea of the rest of them. Lucky me.

Say, I'm having trouble changing my banner from one jpg to another jpg. It keeps the one I have instead of changing it. Any suggestions for solutions? Is this a common problem or just me?

That is if anyone is reading this.
I could be all by myself here.
Walk to East
You see two goblins and a pile of rubbish. There is an exit to the west, east, and south.
There are no other players in the room.
Shit. I am alone.
You try to but fail. Goblin1 attacks.
Goblin1 hits you with club. You take 3 damage.
I hate this game.

Metal Gear Solid Collab Part 2 the revenge

MGS Collab???

2008-05-06 11:42:23 by Popsey

Is anyone psyched about the MGS collab (Metal gear solid). The NG staff complains about getting the same rehashed jokes and no one doing MGS2 or 3. I'm working on a MGS2 bit (pic below). I keep thinking that the good ones are still being worked on. Is this right? Or does no one really care?
I just hope they don't drop the project because a lack of good ones. That being based on Stamper's latest comments. I haven't seen the flashes myself and they could be kick ass. So, are you guys making MGS flashes and are still working on them like me or did Pico day (which rocked) burn you out?
Not that I don't mind no good ones. It gives me a better chance of winning. I just don't want the whole collab to be a bust.

By the by school just ended for me. I would tell you what flash I'm working on after the collab, but when I announce them they never get done. (See last post)
Till next time!

MGS Collab???

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! I just finished my Pictionary for the Blind Christmas and I've submitted it with my Thanksgiving flash. Go watch! Leave a review please. It'd be much appreciated!

As for next month I'm going to make Pic for Blind Steph's B-Day! Next month it's my voice actress for most of my female roles not to mention co-script writer and she made the original designs for the Pictionary gang. So it's going to be in her complete control and it's already starting to sound hilarious. Then of course I am planning on a Valentine's day flash.

Thanks for Watching my Flashes. You guys are awesome!

They're out! They're out! Got my submissions out!

Thanksgiving Flash

2007-12-14 02:48:29 by Popsey

Alright, I know Thanksgiving was a month ago BUT I just finished my Thanksgiving flash that I started like a week before thanksgiving and when I missed deadline I got lazy on it. So now that's done I'm going to release it with my Christmas flash on the same day. That day should be on the 25th most likely the 26th. It's going to be a shorter episode. I'm shooting for two mins. Well I'll post again when they're released.

Pic related in a way the flash didn't have them dress as pilgrims and indians this pic was made before I finished the flash. But I had it as my desktop all Nov.

Thanksgiving Flash

I made a Halloween flash and I only 247 votes and 2 reviews. That's just barely past judgment. Now I don't know when is the best time to post a flash for maximum exposure but I find 247 votes a little disheartening. So if you could please go check out my flash.

It would be most appreciated and could someone please leave a review. I need to know if I'm getting better or worse. Thanx again. Peace.

P.S. I know I sound desperate but I am desperate.

Below is a picture of the flash!

Flash Exposure; For the love of all that is holy sacred and sexy I need more views!!!!